Trump Budget: The Education World Reacts

Statements from well known education activists.

The Trump Administration released details of the Department of Education spending plan for the Fiscal Year 2018 budget. The education world was quick to react. See their statements below.

Randi Weingarten, President, American Federation of Teachers

President Trump’s budget proposal is manifestly cruel to kids. It is catastrophic to the public schools our most vulnerable and at-risk students attend, while being a windfall for those who want to profit off of kids or make education a commodity rather than a great equalizer and an anchor of democracy. [Read More]


Association for Career and Technical Education and Advance

While the Trump Administration talks about supporting workforce and skills development, this dramatic cut is nothing short of an attack on CTE and the students and employers who benefit from it. At a time when millions of job openings go unfilled every year due to shortages in the skilled, technical workforce, President Trump should double-down on an investment in CTE, not propose drastic cuts. [Read More]


Jacqueline Cooper, President, Black Alliance for Educational Options

While we applaud the Administration’s efforts to expand parental choice options for our nation’s children, including increased spending for public charter schools, a new private school voucher program, making $1 billion within Title I of ESSA available for students to attend the school of their choice, and an education tax credit program that will be part of future tax reform, the slashing of $9 billion–or 13 percent–from the Department of Education’s overall budget is an awfully painful way to put families and children first. [Read More]


Jeanne Allen, Founder and CEO, The Center for Education Reform

The president’s budget is neither offensive nor unfair. It contains some recognition that the federal government’s efforts should follow state and local efforts and not further federal programs that fail to advance or transform learning. [Read More]


National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

The National Alliance supports the Administration’s investment in opening, expanding, and replicating high-quality charter public schools. The proposed $158 million increase for the Charter Schools Program (CSP) contained in the Administration’s FY 2018 budget would provide critical funding to seed new charter public schools and expand choice for families and students seeking alternatives to district schools. [Read More]


Chiefs for Change

The President’s budget has some bright spots, such as increased funding to help more students attend quality public charter schools. However, we are deeply disappointed that the Trump Administration has proposed slashing more than $9.2 billion for education programs, including the entire Title II-A program to support high-quality teachers and school leaders. [Read More]


Shavar Jeffries, President, Democrats for Education Reform

The budget announced today by the Trump administration is an assault on public education. Cutting upwards of $9.2 billion from the Education Department’s budget is going to make it harder for our schools to effectively educate all students. [Read More]


The Education Trust

The Trump administration’s budget request is an assault on the American Dream. This shortsighted and cruel proposal would make the climb to success much steeper for all our young people, especially students of color and students from low-income families. Instead of investing in the future, the proposal underfunds or eliminates many vital supports that give people the opportunities and tools to better their lives. [Read More]


Lily Eskelsen García, President, National Education Association

The Trump-DeVos budget is a wrecking ball aimed at our nation’s public schools. Their budget shows how dangerously ill-informed they are about what works for students and in public education. Their reckless and irresponsible budget would smash the aspirations of students, crush their dreams, and make it difficult for them to go to college and get ahead. [Read More]


Thomas J. Gentzel, Executive Director and CEO, National School Boards Association

President Trump’s proposed $9.2 billion cut to education initiatives will deliver a devastating blow to the country’s public education system if enacted by Congress. The proposed cut is a disinvestment in schoolchildren that harms students and the country. [Read More]


Daniel A. Domenech, Executive Director, The School Superintendents Association

With today’s FY18 budget, we are left to wonder not only if the administration supports our nation’s public schools, but also why the budget is so deliberate to make deep, damaging cuts. [Read More]


Michael Petrilli, President, Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Here’s my statement on the President’s FY 2018 budget request: Ha ha just kidding. People this thing ain’t going anywhere! [View Tweet]


Elizabeth Warren, U.S. Senator for Massachusetts

The Trump/DeVos budget would push opportunities out of the reach of millions of students across this country; it would ruin lives. [Watch Now]
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