Why Do We #Homeschool?

Why Do We #Homeschool? is produced by Brian Holdsworth.

From Brian Holdsworth’s video description:

My Family is a homeschooling family and the fact that this is such an eccentric and unusual thing isn’t lost on us.

We knew that if we decided to pursue that kind of education for our kids, it would raise eyebrows and provoke criticisms so we spent a lot of time deliberating over this question and the advantages and disadvantages of it.

What’s amusing about that fact is that, when we do encounter those criticisms, the people offering them are often doing so under the impression that we’ve never heard them or considered them before, when in reality, the concerns that are often raised are pretty obvious.

So I thought it would be fun and even cathartic to address some of those concerns and describe some of the reasons that inspired us to take this leap into uncharted territory.

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