How Vouchers Helped Girl Escape Bullying

How Vouchers Helped Girl Escape Bullying is produced by the IndyStar.

From the IndyStar:

On their first visit to Providence Cristo Rey High School, Zakiya Lumumba knew it was the right choice for her daughter, Zaya.

They had been struggling to find a new high school for Zaya. They wanted a change from Speedway public schools, where Zaya said bullies picked on her for being black in a mostly white district, and where they worried Zaya would be lost in a big high school with more than 500 students.

Still, when she saw tuition at the private school listed as $13,000, Zakiya Lumumba¬†thought:¬†“Jeez! There’s no way she would be able to attend it.”

There was a way.

With the help of a school voucher, Zaya left her public school for Providence Cristo Rey. And she is flourishing, recording a top grade-point average and getting a head start on her dream to be a doctor through a work study at a hospital.

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