Texas Governor Issues a Flurry of Tweets on School Choice

Texas Governor Greg Abbott took to Twitter Tuesday morning to outline his vision for the governance of Texas. He began with statements about the role of government and concluded with a rally cry for Texas autonomy. But at the center of his comments was something else: School Choice.

Many education reformers consider Texas something of an education politics enigma for having a long history of one party Republican control, and yet no private school choice programs. Gov. Abbott drew attention directly to this fact and called for Texas to not only become the 31st state to support private school choice, but to do so this session. (Private school choice is the general phrase used to describe vouchers, tax credit scholarships and education savings accounts.) Certain Texas school districts offer public school choice in the form of magnet and charter schools. The state is also the birthplace of KIPP, the nation’s largest charter school management organization.

Gov. Abbott also signaled his support for traditional public schools today, Tweeting that Texas “has more public high schools ranked in the top 100 than any other state” and that the “No . 1 public high school in America is in Dallas ISD.”

Last week Gov. Abbott participated in National School Choice Week rally before the Texas State Capitol. He emphasized that school choice is best for children, empowers parents and is a civil rights issue. He closed with a call for the people of Texas to give him a choice, “to either sign or reject and veto legislation authorizing school choice in the state of Texas.”

Read Gov. Abbott’s tweets and watch his remarks below.

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