Race, Social Justice, and School Reform

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Questions of race, justice, and political ideology have been essential to school reform for decades. But recently, bipartisan coalitions have unraveled, and education reform has become increasingly polarized. Need these debates be so divisive? How can we promote reasoned, empathetic, and respectful discussion?

Join us for a frank discussion that explores these issues in the context of heated political divides and a new administration. Two public panels will cap a private day of reflection by two dozen educational leaders: the first will focus on the partisan divide in education policy and how we got here, and the second on how to create a more productive and less divisive discussion.

This event represents a collaboration between the American Enterprise Institute, NewSchools Venture Fund, and Education Next that was inspired by a multiauthor forum discussion titled “Education reform’s race debate.”

Join the conversation on social media with #RaceInEdReform.

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