Education Challenges Facing the Next President

In this installment of “Issues That Matter,” former Education Secretary Margaret Spellings, the current president of the University of North Carolina, joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss the presidential nominees’ plans for education, from pre-kindergarten to college.

The college diploma has replaced the high school diploma.

“Just like we used to think of the high school diploma as the ticket of the American dream, now that’s college. Some college,” former Education Secretary Margaret Spellings told “CBS This Morning” Thursday.

Problem is, that’s a distant reality for many, and for those who make it to a college campus, it’s a financial burden for years following graduation.

Education may not be as prime an issue in this election as it was during the Bush administration, when Spellings helped implement the administration’s key education initiative, the No Child Left Behind act. But the skyrocketing cost of higher education has received growing attention. Outstanding student loan debt totals more than $1.4 trillion and the number is rising.

For more information, see CBS This Morning.

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