The Collectivist Control of Education and Common Core Standards

Marsha Familaro Enright, M.A., educational entrepreneur “The Collectivist Control of Education” Jeffrey D. Horn is a grassroots activist, and a data scientist. “Its Not What You Think: The Goals Standardized Education”

Marsha will talk about how the collectivists have controlled education far longer than most people realize. Hear about its history and how they use it today to transform our young people into sheepish conformists, ripe to their agenda, while making the poor poorer. What would education look like in a truly free society? Ms. Enright will give you the surprising picture.

Jeffrey will discuss how Common Core Standards and high stakes testing are often mentioned as ways of making our children more competitive in a complex, global economy. What if, instead of producing children who can compete globally in language and mathematics skills, these standards are meant to train children to accept surveillance, objectification, and control in the workplace of the future?

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