A Movement at Risk

Release of “A Movement at Risk” A Manifesto -June 15, ’16, National Press Club, Wash., DC

After 23 years of dedication, action, and results, the Center for Education Reform (CER) is applying a new equation to education reform: Innovation + Opportunity = Results. It is time to reframe the debate to educate the public and lawmakers on the necessity and best approaches to ensuring innovation and opportunity in all of our schools. It is time to usher in a New Opportunity Agenda characterized by four core tenets: Innovation, Flexibility, Opportunity and Transparency.

On June 15, 2016, The Center for Education Reform, unveiled a new manifesto https://www.edreform.com/2016/06/ed-r… — a clarion call to refocus our collective energies and message to connect with the broad universe of education consumers and citizens everywhere.

Founder and CEO of the nation’s most senior advocate and pioneer in education reform, Jeanne Allen, delivered remarks at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, joined by reactions and comments from influential education, business and political leaders.

Source: The Center for Education Reform

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