Eva Moskowitz on Fighting Unions, Politicians, and The New York Times

Success Academy in New York City is the nation’s most celebrated—and controversial—charter school network, where the kids beat the rest of the city on the annual standardized English and math exams by an enormous margin.

Its founder and CEO is Eva Moskowitz, a former City Council member who sank her own political career back in 2003 by speaking out about how unions stifle schools.

So she left politics, and in 2006 started a charter school. A decade later, Success has grown into a network of 34 schools serving 11,000 kids, and it’s often hailed as a shining example of what the school choice movement can achieve at its very best. This month, Moskowitz received the 2016 Savas Award for Public Private Partnerships, from the Reason Foundation, the nonprofit that publishes Reason magazine and Reason TV.

For more information, see reason.com.

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