Utah Debates Returning to No Child Left Behind

After more than two hours of heated debate, the state school board voted Thursday evening to postpone a decision about whether to return to the unpopular federal education law No Child Left Behind.

Utah Debates Return to No Child Left Behind

State education leaders are considering abandoning Utah’s waiver to the No Child Left Behind law, partly as a statement about federal interference in Utah schools.

Utah Considers Competency-Based Grading 

Reprinted from Washington Post As the District works to confront rampant truancy in city schools, national standardized test data show that D.C. students are absent from school more than the national average and more than almost all other large U.S. cities. Data from...

Kids Say Teacher Asked About Genitalia Slang

Reprinted from The Salt Lake Tribune A Weber High School teacher has been placed on paid leave after asking her students to name slang for genitalia as part of a lesson. Teacher Ashley Williams was placed on paid leave Friday after students brought the incident to the...