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Utah Expects 10,000 New Students Next Year

Utah schools are bracing for more than 10,000 new students to enroll in classes next fall, and lawmakers are going to have to come up with $115 million in new money just to maintain the state’s last-in-the-nation per-pupil spending.

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Utah Board of Ed Sued Over ‘Anti-Gay School Laws’

A federal lawsuit by Equality Utah accuses the Utah State Board of Education, its superintendent and three school districts of enacting “anti-gay school laws” targeting LGBT students and prohibiting positive talk about homosexuality.

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New Utah Policy Helps Fill Open Teaching Positions

The Academic Pathway to Teaching puts specialists at the head of classrooms instead of substitutes who may lack teaching credentials and expertise, the board maintains. But critics contend learning will stall under teachers whose only experience comes after they’re hired.

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Utah Teachers Decry ‘Insulting’ Licensing Rule at School Board Hearing

A beyond-capacity crowd gave overwhelmingly critical feedback to the state school board Tuesday evening over a new program to grant teaching licenses to would-be educators. The Academic Pathway to Teaching rule, adopted by the board in June, allows individuals without classroom training to work as teachers if they hold a bachelor’s degree and can demonstrate mastery of a course subject.

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