Tennessee to Stay with Test-Based Teacher Evaluations

It was music to the ears of his biggest critics — U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan, discussing standardized testing, sounded much like them as he carved some leeway into one of his bedrock education policies.

Nashville’s Low-Rated Schools More Than Double

More than twice the number of Metro Nashville public schools are performing at the state’s lowest academic level than was the case two years ago, setting the stage for state intervention.

TN Report Highlights Spending on School Administration

The Tennessee Comptroller’s Offices of Research and Education Accountability (OREA) has found that school districts with higher rates of administrative spending are more likely to be very small or very large districts, and to be municipal or special school districts rather than county districts.

Ed Chief Orders Closure of Tennessee Virtual Academy

A struggling online school that serves students throughout Tennessee faces closure at the end of the upcoming school year unless it shows significant gains — the latest blow in an intense back and forth between Tennessee Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman and Union County school officials.

Tennessee Test Scores: Grades 3-8 Remain Flat

The Tennessee Department of Education on Wednesday released district-level results from the 2014 Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program, which show strong gains in high school, and relatively constant scores in elementary and middle school.

Low-Performing Nashville Schools May Convert to Charters

After concentrating efforts almost exclusively in Memphis for its first two years, a state-led district that has handed the keys of low-performing schools to charter school operators is poised to expand its footprint in Nashville.

Tennessee Virtual School Wants to Unenroll 600 Students

More than 600 new students who enrolled in the Tennessee Virtual Academy for the upcoming school year may have to find a new school if Union County Schools is granted a waiver from the state allowing it to unenroll them.

Tennessee District Tries to Fix 44% Truancy Rate

The head of Hamilton County Schools and the county’s Juvenile Court judge are putting their heads together over how to stop years of finger-pointing and miscommunication and fix problems with how truant students are handled.