Ed Chief Orders Closure of Tennessee Virtual Academy

A struggling online school that serves students throughout Tennessee faces closure at the end of the upcoming school year unless it shows significant gains — the latest blow in an intense back and forth between Tennessee Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman and Union County school officials.

Tennessee Test Scores: Grades 3-8 Remain Flat

The Tennessee Department of Education on Wednesday released district-level results from the 2014 Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program, which show strong gains in high school, and relatively constant scores in elementary and middle school.

Low-Performing Nashville Schools May Convert to Charters

After concentrating efforts almost exclusively in Memphis for its first two years, a state-led district that has handed the keys of low-performing schools to charter school operators is poised to expand its footprint in Nashville.

Tennessee Virtual School Wants to Unenroll 600 Students

More than 600 new students who enrolled in the Tennessee Virtual Academy for the upcoming school year may have to find a new school if Union County Schools is granted a waiver from the state allowing it to unenroll them.

Tennessee District Tries to Fix 44% Truancy Rate

The head of Hamilton County Schools and the county’s Juvenile Court judge are putting their heads together over how to stop years of finger-pointing and miscommunication and fix problems with how truant students are handled.

Nashville to Tackle Racial ‘Discipline Gap’

Numbers tell a story in Nashville that’s in urban school districts across nation — a pattern of vastly more suspensions and expulsions among students of color, particularly black boys, than among their peers.

Koch Group Hosting Education Forum on School Choice

A group led by one of the conservative Koch brothers, increasingly scorned by liberals nationally as they extend their influence, is hosting an education forum in Nashville next week focused on school choice and opportunities for parents.

Will Vouchers be Approved in Tennessee This Year?

Before the Achievement School District, before Tennessee allowed charter schools, before Memphis became “Teacher Town,” there were the Catholic Diocese of Memphis’ Jubilee Schools.

Nashville Super Calls for End of District vs. Charter

Calling for unity in Nashville’s public education sphere at a time when it has never been more polarized, Metro Director of Schools Jesse Register said “enough is enough” with division surrounding its most debated area: charter schools.

Petition Created in Support of TN Ed Chief’s Leadership

There were the more than 50 superintendents who signed a letter criticizing his leadership last fall. Next came teachers’ unions issuing “no confidence” votes. Most recently, 15 Republican lawmakers called for his resignation.

Tennessee Test Scores Flatten for Grades 3-8

Tennessee’s latest round of results on end-of-year standardized tests show a strong bounce in most high school subjects, but a slight drop in junior-level English and a flattening at the middle-school level after years of growth in those grades.

Tennessee Changes Policy on Teacher Licenses

The Tennessee State Board of Education cut ties Monday with a highly controversial policy that would have allowed poor student growth on tests to be a reason to pull teachers’ professional licenses.

Tennessee Quits Common Core Aligned Test

Tennessee has removed itself from the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers testing consortium aligned to the Common Core national education standards, joining the ranks of 18 other states pushing back against Common Core.