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They Live in Mexico and Go to School in the US

Fifth grader JoAnna Rodriguez is on her way to the school bus when she realizes she’s forgotten something important. It’s not homework or lunch. She pulls out a cell phone and calls home while rummaging through her horse-themed backpack.

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Lawsuit Filed Over Sick Leave Policy for NM Teachers

Whether called sick leave or personal leave, the lawsuit claims, it is private property that is created by the provisions of a teacher’s contract and the policies of the respective school board. And under the New Mexico Constitution, “Private property shall not be taken or damaged for public use without just compensation.”

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Audit Slams NM Education Department over $63M in Special Ed Funds

The State Auditor’s Office released an audit Wednesday sharply criticizing the Public Education Department over its efforts to stop the loss of more than $63 million in federal special-education funds, saying there is no evidence that the department has a deal in place with the federal government to offset that potential loss.

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NM Ed Department Want to Reduce Weight of Student Growth in Teacher Evals

The state Public Education Department said Monday that it wants to reduce the weight of student growth in teacher evaluations from 50 percent to 40 percent, cut the hours of student testing and increase the number of exempt days for teachers in the attendance component of their evaluations from three to five days.

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