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National Poll: 68% Support School Choice

The American Federation for Children, the nation’s voice for educational choice, released its third annual National School Choice Poll conducted by Democratic polling firm Beck Research.

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Four Personalized-Learning Trends to Watch

At the Clayton Christensen Institute, we track disruptive innovations in K–12 schools that upend the traditional factory-based model of school in favor of instructional approaches that better center on each individual student.

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20 Governors Write in Support of Betsy DeVos

A press release from America Rising Squared, the research arm of PAC America Rising, is announcing a letter signed by 20 governors in support of Betsy DeVos as the next head of the federal department of education.

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Why Surging High School Graduation Rates Might be a Mirage

U.S. high school graduation rates are soaring. President Obama announced in October that the 2014-2015 rate was up to 83 percent in a fifth straight record-setting year. The D.C. public schools’ increase was the greatest anywhere, from 53 percent to 69 percent.

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