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Florida Lawmakers Unveil Proposed K-12 School Testing Reforms

Instead of scattering K-12 assessment tests throughout the spring months and disrupting teaching time, a reform proposal being unveiled Wednesday morning in the Florida Legislature would require all such exams to take place only in the final three weeks of the school year, starting next year.

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High School Students Pumped Up Over Pig Hearts

They thought they were visiting Florida Medical Center to hear another boring lecture. So when 30 high school students entered the hospital auditorium and eyed a collection of thick, slimy pig hearts, ready for them to touch, probe and cut up, their own hearts began to flutter.

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FL Tax Credit Scholarship Program Survives Union’s Attempt to Kill It

Florida’s teachers union struck out Wednesday in its latest effort to dismantle a tax credit scholarship program as the state’s Supreme Court rejected the union’s appeal for legal standing to challenge the voucher-like program that finances students from low-performing schools who want to attend private schools.

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