Bill Would Require Sexual Assault Ed in High Schools

As universities and colleges face heightened scrutiny over their handling of campus rape, two Democratic senators want to expand public school health education to require high schoolers to learn about sexual assault.

Obama Looks to Hike Education Spending

President Barack Obama ’s fiscal 2016 budget proposal calls for $70.7 billion in discretionary funding for the Department of Education, a $3.6 billion increase from the current level, with backing for signature proposals such as making community college free, simplifying the financial aid process and expanding preschool.

Obama’s Budget Abandons Race to the Top

In his Monday budget proposal, President Obama decided against reinstating funding for Race to the Top — which was was once a centerpiece of his education agenda. All of Obama’s previous budgets, except his first, included funding for the program.

Obama Budget Includes $1B for Native American Schools

President Obama’s budget request will include $1 billion for American Indian schools next year, including millions of dollars to renovate crumbling buildings and connect remote classrooms via broadband Internet.

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