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State Aid Cut Goes Deeper for Bridgeport Schools

Commissioner of Education Dianna Wentzell, on a conference call this week with all school superintendents in the state, announced that for districts like Bridgeport, the cut will be subtracted not from the regular Education Cost Sharing grant that flows through the municipality, but instead from a dedicated Alliance grant that goes directly to the school district.

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Connecticut NAACP Meeting Focuses on Education and Charter Schools

Racial disparities in employment, housing, health, law enforcement and in the presidential campaign are all issues the NAACP continued to discuss throughout 2016. But starting a nationwide discussion on education, more specifically charter schools, was a top priority at the Connecticut NAACP’s annual state convention Saturday.

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Landmark Decision Sets up Battle Over Schools Funding in Connecticut

In September, Superior Court Judge Thomas Moukawsher sent shockwaves through Connecticut. In a ruling that drew national coverage and could fundamentally alter the state’s education system, Moukawsher said “Connecticut is defaulting on its constitutional duty” to give an adequate education to all children in the state.

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CT Board Approves New Teacher Certification Program

The Connecticut State Board of Education endorsed a controversial new alternate route for teacher certification run by Relay Graduate School of Education after about two hours of public testimony, most of it opposed to the program.

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CT Attorney General Files Appeal, Says School Ruling ‘Legally Unsupported’

Attorney General George Jepsen’s office filed an appeal Thursday asking the Connecticut Supreme Court to conclude that a trial judge embarked on “an uncharted and legally unsupported path” last week in asserting authority over how the state distributes education aid and sets standards for graduating from high school, serving special-needs students and evaluating teachers.

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Connecticut Debates Impact of Court Ruling

While Judge Thomas Moukawsher’s decision orders the state to more fairly fund education, critics say this could force taxpayers in wealthy, high-achieving communities like Simsbury paying the bill.

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