New Education Chief Outlines Vision For Connecticut Schools

Dianna Wentzell takes over as Connecticut’s new education commissioner as educators face major obstacles to improving schools throughout the state. During her first month on the job, Wentzell toured several schools and laid out her vision for Connecticut’s education system to legislators.

CT Gov Vetoes Bill Requiring Ed Chief to Have Classroom Experience

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has vetoed a bill requiring the state’s education commissioner to have classroom and administrative experience, saying enshrining job requirements in state law could hamstring a governor’s ability to choose the best candidate

CT Study: Choice Programs Effective in Raising Academic Achievement

A report from the state Department of Education found that public charter schools and magnet schools operated by Regional Educational Service Centers (RESCs) have helped inner-city students achieve higher academic proficiency than their peers in the public school system.

CT Legislature Passes Charter School Transparency Bill

A bipartisan bill that seeks greater accountability and transparency from the operators of the state’s 22 public charter schools got resounding approval in both the Senate and the House Tuesday and will now move to the governor’s desk.

CT Senate Passes Bill to Help Students with Dyslexia

The Senate unanimously passed a bill that would help ensure that students with dyslexia are identified and getting the services they need, which isn’t the case now, according to many parents and experts who testified at a hearing earlier in the session.

1,000 Charter School Supporters Rally at CT Capitol

On a picture-perfect Thursday, hundreds of children, parents and grandparents donned chartreuse T-shirts and danced, shouted and pumped their signs at the Capitol to urge legislators to put money in the state budget to expand the number of seats available in charter schools.

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