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California District Faces Its Own Refugee Crisis

Early in the school year, Abdul’s teacher observed some peculiar behavior. Just months before, the kindergartner and his family had been holed up at a refugee camp in Jordan, on the run from the brutal Syrian civil war. His family had just relocated to El Cajon in Southern California, and Abdul kept trying to bathe in the classroom sink.

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Los Angeles School Board Member or … Killer? Hard to Tell

A campaign mailer targeting the Los Angeles Board of Education president may be responsible for that disturbing association, whether you fully realize it or not. It is based directly on the advertising for the widely watched Netflix documentary series “Making a Murderer.”

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California Teacher Pension Fund Lowers Its Investment Forecast

The fund that manages pensions for California teachers on Wednesday voted to lower its investment forecast by half a percentage point, a decision that will have many educators stepping up their payroll contributions for their retirement plans by several hundred dollars a year.

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