Organization Claims Charters Aren’t Cheaper to Run

A rival organization is sharply disputing a recent study from the University of Arkansas’s School Choice Demonstration Project purporting to show that charter schools are vastly more efficient at achieving higher test scores.

Obama Announces $2.5M for Native Americans to Run Schools

As part of the Obama Administration’s historic commitment to ensure that all students attending Bureau of Indian Education-funded schools receive an effective education delivered to them by tribes, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell and Assistant Secretary – Indian Affairs Kevin K. Washburn announced this week that the BIE will fund $2.5 million in Sovereignty in Indian Education competitive grants.

LA Ed Board Needs State Approval for Lawyer to Sue Gov

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration said Thursday it needs further details before deciding whether to sign off on the state school board’s plan to hire a law firm that would pursue a possible lawsuit against the governor.

Tennessee Virtual School Wants to Unenroll 600 Students

More than 600 new students who enrolled in the Tennessee Virtual Academy for the upcoming school year may have to find a new school if Union County Schools is granted a waiver from the state allowing it to unenroll them.