How Much Do Kids Learn in Summer School?

Thousands of children have spent much of this summer in St. Louis-area classrooms taking enrichment classes or trying to catch up in reading or math.

FL Voucher Program for Kids with Disabilities Opens Applications

Florida’s newest scholarship program starts taking applications today, offering parents whose children have certain disabilities a chance to receive state money they can use for private school, therapy or other services. The new Personal Learning Scholarship Accounts are for children who are not in public school and not using another state voucher program.

Online School for Girls Offers More Options for CA Students

Much to English teacher Ed Raines’ surprise, his students had never heard Puccini’s soaring melodies that inspired David Henry Hwang’s “M. Butterfly,” nor the way Louis Armstrong could make a trumpet talk in Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man.”

Maine’s First Virtual School to Hold Informational Workshops

Maine Connections Academy, a virtual charter school for students in grades seven through 12, is holding several informational workshops this month and next for Maine parents and students interested in a nontraditional middle school and high school environment.

Mississippi Lt. Gov Wants to Invest More in Education

Education, public policy, and a balanced state budget, these are just a few of the many things in which Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves has been at the forefront of changing since he was elected as Lieutenant Governor in 2012. Reeves strong support of improving the State of Mississippi and making it more competitive to outside eyes are what he says made him pursue the path he is on.