Time Runs Out for NJ Plan for Longer School Days

It was one of the centerpieces of Gov. Chris Christie’s State of the State address in January: a proposal to provide state help for schools to experiment with longer schooldays and years.

NY Districts May Reject State Grants for Longer Days

At least four of the nine school districts that won $24 million in state grants to extend the amount of time children spend in the classroom say they may turn down the money because they don’t have enough time to plan for longer school day.

Study: Cool at 13, Adrift at 23

At 13, they were viewed by classmates with envy, admiration and not a little awe. The girls wore makeup, had boyfriends and went to parties held by older students. The boys boasted about sneaking beers on a Saturday night and swiping condoms from the local convenience store.

Paying Teachers to Give Up Tenure: What’s the Right Price?

Education reformer Michelle Rhee once called teacher tenure the Holy Grail of elementary and secondary school educators. Given how aggressively school reformers attack it, and how fiercely teachers’ unions defend it, she might have made an understatement.

CA Gov Keeps Mostly Mum on Teacher Tenure Ruling

In his first public comments on the controversial Vergara v. California ruling that struck down teacher tenure laws in June, Gov. Jerry Brown offered little insight into his thinking on the ruling.

Texas Teacher Evaluation System Delayed a Year

Texas needs an extra year to try out its new system for evaluating teachers, delaying any statewide use until fall 2016, Education Commissioner Michael Williams told federal officials Wednesday.