School Choice Advocates Appeal Louisiana Voucher Order

A group supporting taxpayer-funded private school tuition vouchers is appealing a federal judge’s order that Louisiana must provide regular reports to federal officials on the state’s voucher program.

Indiana Teachers Union to Gov: Pause Accountability

The Indiana State Teachers Association is calling on Gov. Mike Pence to pause the state’s education accountability system for a year, now that the federal education chief has said states can choose to hold off on using new, tougher proficiency tests to rate schools and evaluate teachers.

Two Teacher Tenure Lawsuit in NY Likely to Combine

Lawyers in New York working with former CNN anchor Campbell Brown on a legal challenge of teacher tenure have agreed to consolidate their case with an earlier complaint filed by a group of public school parents that also seeks to change job protections for teachers.

Teacher Keeps Job After Tweeting She Wants to Stab Students

On her Twitter feed, a Newark Memorial High School teacher described in explicit terms her desires for her students. She wanted to pour coffee on them. She wanted to stab them. Some of them, she said, “make my trigger finger itchy.”

Chicago Board Changes How It Ranks Schools

Chicago’s Board of Education unanimously changed how it ranks its schools Wednesday, introducing minimums that will benefit the highest-performing schools and potentially lessen the number of schools at the bottom.

Report: Philly District Lacks Proper Financial Controls

THE PHILADELPHIA School District lacks the proper financial controls to monitor student activity funds, petty cash, high-end equipment and other tasks, according to a report released yesterday by City Controller Alan Butkovitz.

Audit: Superintendent Misspent $100,000 on Travel, Booze

A former central Ohio superintendent spent nearly $100,000 on personal travel and alcohol over a five-year period and must repay the money, a state investigation found. Bart Anderson, the longtime superintendent of the ESC of Central Ohio, used the ESC credit card to pay for more than $450,000 in travel between 2007 and 2012, but more than $90,000 of that travel wasn’t for business.

Is Litigation Costing You Your Kid’s Education?

As Californians prepare to send their children back to school, local school districts are preparing to welcome students, teachers, and staff back into the classroom. In recent years, however, high litigation costs have contributed to cutbacks in school budgets placing added pressure on the budgets of school districts, parents and teachers.

CA Lawmakers Move to Scrap English-Only Instruction

California lawmakers took a step Tuesday toward an overhaul of the voter-approved 1998 law requiring English-only instruction in public schools, another victory for Latino legislators seeking to strip away polarizing laws aimed at immigrants.