Ohio Pulls Out of Common Core Testing Consortium

View image | gettyimages.com COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio became the latest state to pull out of the PARCC Common Core testing consortium tonight after months of angry complaints about the new online tests having too many technology glitches and of eating up far too...

Mayor Accuses Governor of Hurting New York City Out of ‘Revenge’

Mayor Bill de Blasio, in candid and searing words rarely employed by elected officials of his stature, accused Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on Tuesday of stymieing New York City’s legislative goals out of personal pettiness, “game-playing” and a desire for “revenge.”

States Look to Charters to Turn Around Failing Schools

State governments have become increasingly impatient with failing schools over the past decade. Since 2003, three states have implemented state-run school districts that take over failing schools with the goal of turning them around: Louisiana, Tennessee and Michigan.

Have Millennials Turned Away from Teaching Profession?

In what may prove to be another national socioeconomic trend with roots in California, education planners in a number of states are looking with alarm at the sudden drop of college students entering the teaching profession.

LA Gov Signs Common Core Compromise, Touts Local Control

Gov. Bobby Jindal finalized Louisiana’s Common Core compromise Monday (June 29), signing three legislative bills authorizing changes to the national education standards in his state. As other Common Core opponents have, Jindal painted the bills as a victory for the anti-standards camp.

MI Ed Policy Report Recommends Home Visits for Newborns

The report makes wide-ranging recommendations for turning around Michigan’s schools, offering an education reform roadmap for policymakers that begins with home visits for newborns and continues through expanded college advising initiatives.

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