Voucher Researchers Contradict Obama

ResponseToObamaVoucherProminent researchers in the field of education policy present findings that show school vouchers benefit students, contradicting an assertion made by President Barack Obama in a television interview.

In order of appearance, the video features:


Obama & Voucher Research

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  1. President Obama needs to read these studies; if he's too busy, he needs to find someone reliable (he apparently doesn't have anyone near him at present who can be relied upon to tell the truth, instead of to adhere to outmoded ideology, with respect to this issue) who can help him improve his attitude towards vouchers, and towards education improvement in general in the United States compared with that going on in the rest of the world.



  1. Voucher Researchers Respond to Obama | UARK – DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION REFORM - […] Patrick Wolf is featured in a video from Choice Media. […]

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