This is the Choice Media Special Report on the Louisiana Voucher Decision, November 30th, 2012.

Bob Bowdon

The headlines broke today that District judge Tim Kelley had ruled Louisiana’s statewide vouchers unconstitutional.  But on closer inspection, the ruling may not as dramatic as some have assumed.  

Jimmy Faircloth

Jimmy Faircloth, Attorney Defending Louisiana Voucher Plan

That’s because the judge specifically said he is not striking down the voucher program itself, only its current funding method.  In other words, if the school vouchers were instead paid for by a line item in the state budget, the judge says it would be constitutional. 

Moreover, the case is headed for the Louisiana Supreme Court anyway, and the higher court won’t even be considering this judge’s rationale when they get the case.

I spoke with Louisiana’s lead attorney defending the voucher program, Jimmy Faircloth, and he began by telling me what the decision did not say.


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