This is the Choice Media #EdReformMinute for Wednesday, October 17th.

Choice Media regulars know about how lawsuits have been used by the education establishment to stop school choice.  For example, statewide voucher laws have been sued in Colorado, Indiana and Louisiana.  Lawsuits have closed charter schools in Georgia, and sought to kick charter schools out of public buildings in New York.  

And in many of those places, lawsuits have been effective in stopping school choice.

So today’s Ed Reform Minute may come as a surprise to you.  Dateline Camden, New Jersey, where the mothers of three public schools students filed a complaint with the State Board of Education declaring the city’s public schools unconstitutional because of poor performance.  And if the complaint is not heeded, they may sue to get school choice.

Patty Bombelyn

Patty Bombelyn, Plaintiff Attorney in NJ School Choice Complaint

“The lawsuit is about a ticket for freedom for children who are in the Chernobyl of public school districts.  There is probably nothing like this anywhere else in America.   It’s certainly the absolute worst in the state of New Jersey. 

Does money equal quality in public education in Camden, NJ?  In this case, you can make up your own mind.  Camden schools for at least three years have spent over $22,000 per student.  So for a classroom of 20 that would be $440,000.  The district graduation rate is 44%.

“The solution historically in New Jersey has been more and more money.  What we’re asking for is that children have the right to leave their public school, the money dedicated from the state for their education follows them to another institution that is able to provide an education that meets the state standards.”

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