Report Compares State Laws on Teacher Eval


This is the Choice Media Ed Reform Minute for Friday, August 24th.

State Ratings
In the last 3 years, many states have passed new laws to reform teacher tenure.  But while the various bill signing press conferences sounded similar, it turns out many of these state plans were actually quite different.  Just this week, Bellwether Education released the first comparative analysis.

They found that only 14 of the 21 states passing reforms require all teachers and principals to be evaluated every year.  In other places, like Maryland, Arkansas & Minnesota, some teachers get full evaluations only every three years.

Three states, Florida, Indiana & Michigan require districts to tell parents if their kid has been assigned to a low-rated teacher, while nine other states explicitly prohibit this disclosure.

The report assigned point values to all these sorts of criteria, and concluded overall that the best teacher evaluation law prize goes to Indiana. The weakest reform: Minnesota. And many states, of course, did nothing.

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