This is the Choice Media Ed Reform Minute for Thursday, August 23rd.  I’m Bob Bowdon.

Charter School FactsWashington, DC charter schools are thriving.  

Their four-year graduation rate of 80% is 20 points higher than the regular district schools.  Their students test better in both reading and math.  And DC parents are flocking to charters.  Already 41% of DC kids go to charter schools; that’s the second highest percentage in the country behind New Orleans.

So why is the city shoveling $26 to $46 million every year [as reported by the Washington Post], over and above the official school funding formula, to only the dysfunctional regular district schools — money that charters don’t get.   And that’s on top of the city already giving district schools double the facilities funding per student, compared to charters.

Ramona Edelin of the DC Association of Chartered Public Schools says some people believe that “traditional schools, even when they don’t perform well, should be rewarded nevertheless with additional funds and additional services.”

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