This is the Choice Media Ed Reform Minute for Tuesday, August 21st, I’m Bob Bowdon.

Parent Revolution

Parent Revolution works directly with parents in Los Angeles and throughout California to reinvent underperforming schools with California’s historic Parent Trigger law.

California has something called a Parent Trigger Law, where if you’ve got a failing public school, and more than half the parents agree on a major remedy, then they have the power to implement it. 

Which brings us to the story of Desert Trails Elementary School, where not even one-quarter of 6th graders read and do math at grade level.  Over half of the parents signed the petition for a particular solution to turn it into a charter school… but then the effort began to get parents to rescind their signatures or claim they were misled.  Months went by, it all ended up in court, and finally after about a year of delays the judge sided with the parents, ordering the school board to accept the petition, and “charterize” the school.

Until last Friday night.  The board President now says there simply isn’t enough time to bring in a charter school operator for the new year, telling the newspaper, “It’s over.”  So for an all-together new reason, the board decides once again, it should hold on to power.

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