This is the Choice Media Ed Reform Minute for Tuesday, August 14th. I’m Bob Bowdon.

There’s a new football stadium just outside Dallas, Texas.  It has what you’d expect from any new NFL stadium, a shiny new press box, hospitality rooms, tented plazas available for rent and an 84-yard long weight room.

There’s just one thing.  This isn’t where the Dallas Cowboys will play.  It’s where the Allen Eagles will play.  A new high school football stadium built with $60 million of borrowed money.  Back in 2009, 64% of voters said “yes” to bond which included plans for the new stadium.  

Now, it’s raising eyebrows nationally as an emblem of one-size-fits-all education in full glory.  

 By contrast, the school choice concept acknowledges truth that we’ll never agree on what to teach kids, how to teach kids, or how best to spend education dollars.  And in this case, over a third of Allen Texas voters opposed the bond for the stadium, saying no, let’s NOT build a $60 million palace for football.

But in the world of government monopoly education, the joke’s on them.

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