This is the Choice Media Ed Reform Minute for Thursday, August 16th. I’m Bob Bowdon.

Pop Quiz: What coming out of Chicago  could have huge Presidential election consequences?

The answer: A possible massive Chicago Teacher’s strike.  Already, 90% of Chicago Teachers Union members have authorized a strike — and it would be, against whom?  Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama’s former right hand man and current mayor of Chicago.

Karen Lewis, President, Chicago Teachers Union; Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago

Whose side, one might wonder, would the President be on?  The union’s or Rahm’s?

The dispute is over, among other things, that the union doesn’t want teachers paid differently based on their ability to teach, known as merit pay.  The union’s financial secretary Kristine Mayle said, 

 “A Merit pay system would set us up so that we’d be competing against our neighbors.  We are completely against this.  It goes against everything that is good in teaching.”

She did not address why this pernicious competition doesn’t ruin every private company in America.

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