This is the Choice Media Ed Reform Minute for Friday, August 17th. I’m Bob Bowdon.

Florida’s Tax Credit Scholarship, Source: Tampa Bay Times

If you’re poor, but you want to send your kid to private school instead of public school, several states have  new ways for you to pay for it: vouchers and tax credit scholarships.  

These programs fiercely debated, of course, reformers v. establishment defenders.  But there’s a third group, the parents.  And new data shows they are voting with their feet.

In Florida, the tax credit scholarship will have over 50,000 kids next year –  up about 25% in a year, 2/3rds are black or Hispanic.

The new Louisiana voucher program will offer 5,600 private school tuitions  — nearly double number that applied.

And Indiana offered 7,500 vouchers in the first year of that program, but there was such demand, they have doubled the program in the second year.

So amid the claim that private school vouchers and tax credits are “corrupt privatizing,” draining money from traditional public schools, lower income parents keep saying, “Sign Me Up.”

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