Scott Walker

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

The histrionics and vitriol of the 2012 Wisconsin recall election received national attention, often eclipsing the substance of the collective bargaining reforms signed by Governor Scott Walker in his first year.

For details on the Walker reforms, click here.

It all led to a re-vote in June, 2012, an exact rematch between the same candidates who squared off in 2010.  Walker not only prevailed in the recall, marking the first time in U.S. history a sitting governor survived a recall election, but he won by a larger margin than before.

In the aftermath of the Walker win, for many in the education reform movement the new question is, “What’s next?”  After having already grown the Wisconsin school voucher initiative, both geographically and by income eligibility, could a statewide voucher plan be on the Walker agenda?  To that, the Governor says, “not initially.”

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