74% of Michigan Kids Failing in Science

Reprinted from Detroit Free Press

A more realistic look at how well Michigan high school juniors are performing on state exams is providing a bleak picture of academic achievement.

The Michigan Department of Education changed the standard for passing exams last year, and that meant students taking the Michigan Merit Exam (MME) this spring had to answer far more questions correct in order to get a passing score. The results were released this morning. The percentage of students who passed the exam in reading, math, social studies and science dropped – in some cases dramatically – when compared to how last year’s juniors performed under the old, easier standard.

A similar decline happened earlier this year with the release of the elementary and middle school Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) exam results.

Just a quarter of the high school students – 25.8% – passed the science exam. Slightly more – 29.1% – passed the math exam. Reading was the only subject where more than half the students passed, with 56% earning an acceptable score. Writing had 49% passing, while 41% passed in social studies.

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