The Heritage Foundation Grades Teacher Compensation

3 Responses to The Heritage Foundation Grades Teacher Compensation

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  2. Paul C. Voas says:

    Education Degrees Not rigorous enough compared to others? Agreed. But here you have the chicken or the egg argument. Eduction BA's should not be; potential teaching candidates should get a degree then go get life experience and work in the real world then go back and get an Masters. Additionally, MA's should be more like medicine and teaching hospitals. However, as my professors said in my exit interview of my portfolio defense: "if we made this process as rigorous as we know it should be we would have 2 teacher candidates." Without the high salaries like doctors, lawyers, bankers, you just won't see qualified and intelligent people go into education in the numbers like we need.

    But who is going to pay for this?

    Why shouldn't experience matter when it comes in terms of compensation? Isn't this what happens in the business world.

  3. Tena says:

    Seems to me that the video is making the point that public school teachers and taxpayers could both benefit from migrating defined pensioners to 401K participants. Ask American Airlines employees how those defined benefits pensions work out after a bankruptcy. Perhaps Stockton CA can give us a model.

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