The Superintendent Who Fought Back

Janine Caffrey is the Superintendent of Perth Amboy schools.

Janine Caffrey, Superintendent of Perth Amboy Schools

Janine Caffrey, who has been at odds with the Perth Amboy school board since taking the position as superintendent last July, served nine schools days on paid administrative leave following an April 25 school board vote. The commissioner reinstated her to the superintendent position on May 8.

Caffrey has been a very strong advocate of the same brand of education changes Cerf and Gov. Chris Christie have been supporting. Both camps agree teacher tenure should be graded upon student performance in the classroom and that a practice known as “last-in, first-out,” which ensures senior teachers from layoffs, should be abolished.

The proposed reforms, however, have been unpopular with Perth Amboy’s teachers union and school board, both of which have accused Caffrey of forcing changes upon them rather than working together. Caffrey’s uncompromising support for the revisions — which she has said stem from personal experience with ineffective teachers — has isolated her from her staff.

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  1. Bob,

    We are dealing with HUGE nepotism problems here in our school district.
    A very similar sotory is that our new superintendent has chosen to release numerous “Friends & Family” and now she has 3 bodyguards following her on a daily basis. Feel free to contact me for a southern feel for teh same problem.
    Keep up the good work!
    Jim McMahan

  2. why not have a episode on the super who went to jail ritacco from toms river.



  1. . Check out the latest in education news!Issue | Education Rejuvenation - [...] of education in her district speaks out against the entrenched forces resistent to needed change.  Watch the video now. “It’s …

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