Romney: Great Ideas, Wrong Level of Gov’t

Reprinted from Write on Nevada

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney released his education plan last week, which you can read here.

Most of Romney’s proposals will sound very familiar to those in the education-reform movement. He notes that America’s problems in education don’t stem from lack of funding (p. 20). He wants to empower parents with real educational choices for their children as “a vital component of any national agenda for education reform” (p. 21). And he seeks to modify “No Child Left Behind” in order to redouble “efforts to provide transparency and accountability” (p. 27).

On the surface, these sound like great ideas. For years, NPRI has noted that there’s little to no correlation between education spending and student achievement and has touted the benefits of school choice. So the principles guiding Romney are certainly sound. Yet our evaluation of the policy can’t end there.

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