Running Out of Ideas


Choice Media obtained the Running Out of Ideas video and is protecting the source.


  1. Thanks for the efforts to combat the education monopoly ie … the Communist takeover of our nation. This battle is really in the trenches this time around. We must do more than just win this time. We need to expose these people for their loyalty to antiAmerican ideologies, & banish them from our nation permanently. Then we need to implement safeguards as our forefathers did in times past past. 1 solution after this effort is won is to recommit the colleges of Harvard , Yale, Stanford, Columbia & more to the standard that they were established under. To be Christian universities, not proCommunist centers for the take over of America & the world.

  2. The source definitely needs protection, maybe from their own delusional episodes.

    I hope this is some sort of sick joke, what is this? New-age-red-baiting out of the Newt handbook? Maybe I’m giving Newt too much credit, it’s been done for millennia.

    [allow me one classical reference: Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War, Book III Chap. 82, on the use of language during the Civil War in Corcyra. “The meaning of words had no longer the same relation to things, but was change by them as they thought proper.” Them being both sides]

    Unfortunately this is the kind of inflammatory disinformation we will be seeing out of all PAC’s [not just the neo-fascist ones] for all elections in the future. It has nothing to do with getting ground swell support, it’s all about very small but tightly focused areas of discontent, anger, fear [the best]. You gather together a group of like minded people, you tell how things used to be so much better, you focus in on their fears and anger, you fan the fire with disinformation, then you tell them who to blame, that’s the important part. That’s all you have to do. Maybe you hint at one little thing that could fix the problem and return us [always “us”] back to that idyllic time when everything was “much better”. That’s all you have to do because someone else is putting out the same sort of fear-and- disinformation-based-propaganda on another little issue. Over time people are exposed to innumerable little pieces of the pie and when they hear the well-prepped candidate hit on each of these “fear and anger” issues they have found their man. It’s 21st Century Digital Crowd Control.

    • Well stated Peter. This is garbage. Plain and simple.

  3. Rick,

    While propaganda takes all forms, each designed to get the attention of a different audience in a different way, the fact remains that everything you write above applies to defenders of the public education monopoly as it does to the cartoon.

    At the local level, anyone who campaigns against a local tax referendum for schools IS accused of “hating children,” or “being selfish.”

    Arguing that more money will solve education problems IS disinformation.

    Denying children and parents choice in education is the political goal of not only the teachers unions, but the entire bloated public education apparatus. This apparatus, which I call the “Government Education Complex,” is one of the most egregious practitioners of all the tactics and strategies you decry above.

    The Complex has gotten away with this for decades, as the jobs machine has spent billions on buying the political protection and funding for the pay, payroll expansion, pensions, and perks showered on those inside its protected walls.

    So yeah, our side has stopped relying on policy studies that no one reads, and adopted the tactics of the Complex. It couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people.

  4. Well stated, Bruno.

    What Peter wrote is garbage. Plain and simple.


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