Reform School, Clip 3: The Federal Role

Reform School: A Public Forum on Changing American Education

Part One can be found here.

Part Two can be found here. 

Joe Williams, Executive Director, Democrats for Education Reform
Jay Greene, Professor of Education Reform, The University of Arkansas
Bob Bowdon, Executive Director, Choice Media

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  1. Where in the Constitution is the federal government given authority to govern education nationally? Where is it given authority to collect education data? Nowhere. Through the 14th Amendment it must stop discrimination by states and districts, and it has jurisdication over federal lands and Washington, DC, but that is it. And what has shredding the Constitution gotten us? Stagnant NAEP scores, hundreds of billions of dollars down the drain, and nearly complete federal control of the schools.

    Ignore the Constitution just a little, and the door is unlocked to walk out on it completely.


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