Part Two of Our Interview with Allan B. Taylor,
Chairman of the Connecticut Board of Education

Part One can be found here.

Noteworthy quotes from Allan Taylor:

0:38 – “I was one of the early supporters of the charter law back in 1996 and ’97 when it was passed.”

0:48 – “I’m not interested in becoming Arizona. I’m not interested in becoming some of the other states that have thousands of charter schools.”

2:16 – “I am a supporter of a public school system, and charters are public schools the way we do it. You get to have 15, 20, 30% of your kids going to charter schools, I’m so sure that remains true.”

3:30 – “I’m very conflicted about choice.”

4:01 – “You can’t build a policy on asking parents to sacrifice their kids.”

6:55 – “The scores are unimaginably bad in many places. And I don’t have any doubt that poverty handicaps kids greatly. But I believe that schools can make a difference. If you don’t believe that schools can make a difference then I don’t know how you can be working in the field at any level. What are you doing?”


The speech by Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy referenced in the video can be found here.

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