Reform School, Clip 1: The Federal Role

Reform School: A Public Forum on Changing American Education

Part Two can be found here.

Part Three can be found here.

Joe Williams, Executive Director, Democrats for Education Reform
Jay Greene, Professor of Education Reform, The University of Arkansas
Bob Bowdon, Executive Director, Choice Media

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  1. Sorry guys — there is no constitutional authority for federal K-12 involvement. At least the space programs has huge, direct national defense applications, making some of the federal function there constitutional.

    Interestingly, the special education piece shows just how unreliable Washington is, with politicians generally promising to fund 40 percent of special ed costs and never coming close. And why couldn’t states handle funding for the relatively tiny population of students who needs huge dollars due to disabilities?



  1. Reform School, Clip 1: The Federal Role - [...] View it at ChoiceMedia.TV. [...]

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