Jeb Bush on Protesters

ChoiceMedia.TV’s Bob Bowdon gets Jeb Bush’s reaction to protesters outside the 2011 national summit on education reform held in San Francisco.


  1. Ah, yes, Jeb it’s ALWAYS about the money, isn’t it? Tsk, tsk, spending too much money per student, can’t have that when we COULD be making lots of your corporate cronies wildly rich privatizing education and paying them big bucks to do a WORSE job of educating our students! We know your goal, and concern for our students is NOT on your radar. Improving education is your code word for destroying our public school systems, and the public whom he is working very hard to hoodwink, should beware of his perfidy! As Murdoch and his crew slipped up and admitted, this is a $500B industry just waiting to be raped!

    • Janis,

      You inadvertently admit that you are defending a $500+bn industry. This industry you are defending, the Public School Monopoly, is the one doing the “raping.”

      They are financially raping the taxpayers, and educationally parents, and children with their over-priced, under-performing product.

      So yes, the faster we can “destroy” the existing model, the faster we get a better, cheaper, education system. Time to back to you OWS tent.

  2. The protesters and the school board are DUPES, and/or open party members of the CPUSA. Same as in 1935.


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